About Us

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza was started by friends who were looking for a new way to take care of their families while enjoying what they do and where they do it. The pizzeria is on Ceres Park Ranch and is named after the first bull that lived on Ceres Park.


The pizzas are named after the mates and offspring of Stanley, the first bull we had after purchasing the ranch. The pizzas are matched to the personalities of the cows. We offer handcrafted, artisan pizza that begins with three-day, coldfermentation dough. We use fresh ingredients found at local farms and gardens whenever possible. Our appetizers are simple yet flavorful made with the same fresh ingredients and care.


We are proud of our craft beer list that includes beer not only from our local Austin breweries, but also from craft breweries around the States. Stanley’s works to bring in beers newly importable to Texas from other states. The beer selection is changed weekly, with a few favorites that are year-round, so there is always something you haven’t tried before. We have a small but growing wine selection that complements our pizzas and appetizers. Even our non-alcoholic beverages are artisan and local when possible.


Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza is owned by two long-time friends, Eric Brook and Sharon Liam, and supported by Eric’s wife Cinnamon. Everyone who works at Stanley’s is fun, hardworking, trustworthy, and happy. We also receive so much support from friends, families, and our patrons.


Sharon Liam and his wife were married on the property before Stanley’s was there. They had their first child about the same time Stanley’s opened. Even so, Sharon was able to create most of the pizzas that our customers love so much.


Eric Brook and his wife have three kids who are part of the workforce at Stanley’s. Eric was responsible for creating the vision of the pizzeria, designing and building the building, and holding the vision for the entire property.


Minny Brook, Eric’s wife, came in upon the opening to create the service style, customer ordering process, and take care of accounting and employees. Funny enough, she didn’t want to work in the food industry and now misses work when she’s away from the restaurant.


Thanks to the excellent staff, Stanley’s is a great place to have lunch, enjoy a pint, and stay and visit with friends and family. This is a friendly, laidback, welcoming, hill-country retreat that is still close to the city.


Ceres Park Ranch is a beautiful 180 treed acres where amazing weddings and fun parties are held. We share our parking lot with Jester King Brewery. Stanley’s and Jester King are different businesses, but we are good neighbors. The property includes a 6,000 square foot pavilion with a stage and dance floor and plenty of seating. One of the favorite features, though, is the airstream converted into restrooms. We all look forward to see what other small businesses will move to Ceres Park over the next 12 months